Research Office

Director: Rico E. Del Sesto
Assistant Director: Booke Hotez
Office: Holland Centennial Commons Room 488
Phone: (435) 879-4488

Mission: The Research Office (RO) supports and advocates for learning through research, discovery and creativity that contribute to and expand the boundaries of knowledge, providing students and faculty with opportunities to fully immerse into their academic and professional fields while fulfilling the university vision of open access. 

Vision: The Research Office at Utah Tech University fosters and celebrates research, creativity, and engaged learning involving faculty, staff, students (undergraduate and graduate), and community. The RO aims to enhance research capacity and strengthen a culture of an open and inclusive research and creative activities on the Utah Tech campus, and will serve as a central resource for all who wish to pursue and participate in research and creative learning.

Goals: The Research Office encourages research and creative activities, as tools in learning and in building the knowledge base in all academic disciplines. We believe that these activities positively impact the campus and the regional community and contribute to the growing body of open and accessible knowledge.

The Research Office manages internal grants programs for faculty and students, publishes an open-access peer-reviewed journal, and hosts an annual Research Symposium that celebrates and showcases research and creative work from all stakeholders.

Professional development programs for students (graduate and undergraduate) are also supported by promoting and coordinating research internships on and off campus.