Center for Teaching & Learning

Director: Wendy Schatzberg
Office: Innovation Plaza Room 198
Phone: 435-879-4246

The Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) at Utah Tech University (Utah Tech) was established to promote excellence in teaching and learning. The vision of CTL is to empower faculty in their pursuit of teaching excellence and innovation in a student-centered learning environment.  The mission of the center is to promote innovation and excellence in teaching by providing faculty an array of resources to help them facilitate effective, efficient, and active student learning.  A major emphasis of CTL is to assist faculty members to integrate new learning technologies and evidenced-based teaching methods to engage students in effective learning (e.g., experiential learning, problem-based learning, service learning, etc.).  The center supports faculty with services that include effective course design and delivery, workshops and conferences, instructional technology training, individual and departmental consulting, and additional services that help improve teaching and learning at Utah Tech.