Student Involvement & Leadership

Director: Luke Kerouac
Location 200 Gardner Center (2nd Floor)
Phone: (435) 652-7512

Student Involvement & Leadership

The goal of the Student Involvement & Leadership (SIL) Department is to engage students in co-curricular and extracurricular experiences that enhance their collegiate experience. Meaningful involvement has been proven to strengthen students' commitment to education, the institution, and their community. Furthermore, students who are actively engaged receive higher grades, transfer less, gain skills that lead to better jobs, obtain increased networking opportunities, have more friends, and are substantially more satisfied with their college experience.

The SIL Department is committed to training and advising the Utah Tech University Student Association (UTSA) leaders, the UTSA Student Government Branches, the Applied Leadership Program, and the Spirit Squad (which includes Stampede, Cheer, Dance and the Mascot) on campus policy and procedure, and promoting involvement in an inclusive learning environment.

Utah Tech University Student Association (UTSA)

Every fee-paying student at Utah Tech University is a member of UTSA. The mission of the UTSA Student Government is to provide students with learning, service, and extracurricular opportunities; provide leadership training; promote school spirit; create unity and a unique Utah Tech culture; link Utah Tech traditions with new students; and offer a voice to the student body. The leadership branches of UTSA include the Executive Council, Academic Senate, Clubs & Organizations, Student Life, Marketing, and the Stampede.

Executive Council

The Executive Council includes the Student Body President, Vice President of Academics, Vice President of Clubs & Organizations, Vice President of Student Life, Vice President of Marketing, and Vice President of Service.

Academic Senate

The Vice President of Academics and the Student Senate assist students in achieving academic pursuits. The Senate funds academic pursuits such as research and conference presentations. The delegation consists of student representatives from the seven major academic colleges on campus. The Student Senate is a mouthpiece for students and advocates for the students' collective academic interests at Utah Tech University.

Clubs & Organizations

The Clubs & Organizations branch currently houses over 70 active clubs on campus. The Vice President of Clubs & Organizations and the respective club representatives collectively manage club funds, oversee club bylaws, distribute club merit monies, and support club growth. Clubs & Organizations serves many purposes including the cultural, intellectual, professional, recreational, service, and social needs of students. Joining a club is the easiest and most personal way to get involved, meet other students, and truly enjoy your time at college. If there is not a club that interests you, it is easy to start your own.

Student Life

The Student Life branch of  UTSA oversees activities and campus life under the direction of the Vice President of Student Life and three Event Directors. Student Life aims to maintain Utah Tech traditions such as Homecoming, D Week, carnivals, etc., while continually adding new and improved activities like the Foam Dance, concerts, and comedians. This branch plans and organizes at least one UTSA event each week of Fall and Spring semesters.


The mission of the Marketing branch is to empower the students at Utah Tech with information that enhances their university experience. They accomplish this through the mastery of unparalleled advertising, design, and storytelling. Under the direction of the Vice President of Marketing, the branch has three marketing managers, two graphic designers, two social media managers, photo/video manager, and an administrative assistant.


The Service Branch of UTSA encourages lifelong learning and service by providing opportunities to serve on campus and within the community. The Vice President of Service and four Service Leaders make up the Service Council within the service branch, and together they seek opportunities that build upon core values of service, citizenship, diversity, ethics, and collaboration that create an enduring service oriented mentality. The Service Council plans and organizes a major monthly service project, two large-scale Campus to Community service projects, and four Alternative Breaks service opportunities that coincide with Fall and Spring Breaks. Every week of the semester the Service Council provides service with at least one of our 13 community partners.


The Stampede branch of UTSA helps promote the ultimate fan experience for students at Utah Tech athletic events! We cheer on the student-athletes by being loud, proud, and rowdy! Join the Stampede and maximize your time as a student here at Utah Tech.

To find out more information on UTSA Student Government and student involvement, please visit our website (following this link will take you out of the University Catalog).

Welcome Message from the 2022-2023 UTSA President

TRAILBLAZER NATION! Welcome home! We’re making history together as the first Utah Tech students and I couldn’t be more stoked to be your Student Body President! I’m Devon Rice, and it’s my mission to ensure that YOU take advantage of all of the opportunities here at UTU!

In my four years here, I’ve experienced being a student from many different angles. I’ve been an Ambassador, member of the Symphonic and Jazz bands, Social Events Director, Journalist, Vice President of Student Life, and many other roles. Through my exposure to all of this, I have found that students who get involved are much more likely to have a memorable and successful college experience. We have endless opportunities for involvement, so if you’re not involved yet, come talk to me so I can help connect you to your home away from home!

You can find me in the student government room on the second floor of the Gardner Student Center. I have an open-door policy and I love to talk… a lot! I can promise you that we have resources that will fit your needs, and if for some reason we don’t have what you’re looking for, let’s work together to bring it to campus. We’re all here to grow in our own ways and I want to be someone you can go to for help finding your place at Utah Tech. Drop by; I promise it’s worth it!

p.s. I probably have free stuff to give you!

Devon “DINK” Rice