Student Success Program

Location: Browning Resource Center
Office Room 114
Phone: (435) 879-4613

Student Success Program for Structured Enrollment

The Student Success Program is a structured program for first-time freshmen who come to Utah Tech with a high school GPA of 2.8 or less, to support their college success and achievement.  This is a mandated program designed to provide resources and support for underprepared students to best navigate and succeed in college. 

Qualifying students will be admitted into University College while in the program and assigned the major of General Education to build a foundation of courses prior to moving into their program major. To graduate from the program and declare their major students must complete their ENGL 1010 Introduction to Writing (EN) and math, SSC 1010 Trailblazer Connections, SSC 1025R Active Learning Lab, and SSC 1060 Career and Life Skills. Each bachelor’s degree has two years of General Education, so starting with general classes keeps students on track for graduation. 

Students in the Student Success Program have a First Year Advising hold on their account, so they meet with their Success Advisor to select their college courses. If a student has an intended program major, they can let their Success Advisor know and it will be noted in their degree plan. It is essential that students get into math and English right away to make good progress in college, and graduate from the program. If ACT or SAT scores aren’t submitted then students need to take their placement tests as soon as possible.

The student in the Student Success Program have access to the Student Success Center, a Peer Coach, and Success Advisor to help them navigate their first year of college, while learning about goal setting, exploring career, campus resources, study skills, time management, motivation and developing GRIT towards their goals and dreams. 

Students in the Student Success Program are encouraged to work toward an associate degree as a building block towards a bachelor’s degree; ultimately achieving both an Associates degree and Bachelor’s degree.

Students in the Student Success Program are required to complete the following:

  • Provide placement test scores or ACT scores to the registrar of the Academic Advisor to be placed into math and English
  • Meet with a Success Advisor or attend a registration webinar before registering for classes.  A registration hold is placed on the student account to ensure the student meets with their Success Advisor and the student’s class schedule is optimal for their success.
  • Complete SSC 1010, 1025R and 1060 electives towards their degree
  • Weekly Study Hall and/or tutoring hours
  • English 1010 and math

Qualifying students are eligible for the program benefits:  Rising Star and Success Scholarship, college hacks, free printing, snacks, and tutoring in the Student Success Center.