Alumni Association

Location: Stephen and Marcia Wade Alumni House
Phone: 435-652-7535

The Alumni Association includes an extraordinary group of 40,000+ individuals across the United States and around the world. Membership is automatic at graduation, and currently, there is no fee to belong to the association.

The Alumni Association exists to connect alumni to each other and students in meaningful ways. This is achieved through chapter involvement, spirit week traditions, as well as alumni programs and events to cultivate key connections. 

Our traditions have existed for many years, and as we celebrate the second century of this great institution, we work to keep these traditions alive as we continue for the next 100 years.

The Alumni House is home to the Utah Tech Alumni Ambassadors (UTAA), the Alumni Relations Office, and the Alumni Association Board. The UTAA is a council of students who work in conjunction with the Alumni Board to promote the University, keep traditions alive, connect students with alumni, develop students into leaders, and more.

The Alumni Association values and appreciates the thousands of alumni who dedicate their time, talent, or treasure to the betterment of the students and the institution.