Academic Integrity Committee

Chair: Shandon Gubler

The Utah Tech University Academic Integrity Committee exists to promote and support an educational environment where academic integrity, honesty and fairness can flourish. The Committee, comprised of both faculty and students, adjudicates appeals from students who have received sanctions from faculty for academic misconduct. It also considers fair and appropriate sanctions when a faculty member or a representative of the University’s administration seeks to bring further sanctions against a student for academic misconduct. The focus of this committee is to advocate on behalf of students to make sure that students are being disciplined fairly, yet this committee is keenly interested to insure that academic integrity, honesty, and fairness is diligently honored on campus. This committee strongly recommends that issues of academic integrity be resolved immediately between the student and their instructor. If resolution is not achieved between the student and their instructor, this committee advocates swift and determined involvement of the department chairman to achieve resolution. If a resolution cannot be achieved between the student, instructor, and the department chairman, then the college dean should take swift and determined action to resolve the academic integrity matter. Academic Integrity issues are always best resolved at the levels closest to the student and should rise to the level of the Academic Integrity Committee only in very rare cases. For more information on this committee, please see the Student Code included in this catalog.