Integrated Studies - Media Studies Emphasis, BA/BS

Media Studies Emphasis Requirements

24 credits

MDIA 1130Introduction to Media Writing3
MDIA 3060Media Analysis and Critique3
MDIA 1500Introduction to Media Tools3
or MDIA 2010 Media and Pop Culture (SS, GC)
Complete 15 credits from the following (12 credits must be upper-division and no more than 6 credits of practicum total):
MDIA 1380
MDIA 1385
Introduction to Video Production
and Introduction to Video Production Lab
MDIA 1560Introduction to Audio Production3
MDIA 2210RJournalism Practicum I1-3
MDIA 2300Introduction to Public Relations3
MDIA 2340RPublic Relations Practicum I1-3
MDIA 2370RLive Media Practicum I1-3
MDIA 2380RRadio Practicum I1-3
MDIA 2390RVideo Practicum I1-3
MDIA 2630Script Writing and Planning3
MDIA 3210RJournalism Practicum II1-3
MDIA 3370RLive Media Practicum II1-3
MDIA 3380RRadio Practicum II1-3
MDIA 3390RVideo Practicum II1-3
MDIA 3410Gender, Race and Class in Media3
MDIA 3450Social Media Campaigns3
MDIA 3530Photojournalism3
MDIA 3550Intermediate Media Tools3
MDIA 4440RPublic Relations Practicum II (ALPP)1-3
MDIA 4450Media Research3
MDIA 4550Advanced Media Tools3
MDIA 4790Advanced Audio Production3
MDIA 3480Social Media Production3
MDIA 3610Copy Editing3
MDIA 3750
MDIA 3755
Advanced Streaming Production
and Advanced Streaming Production Lab
MDIA 4360Media Ethics and Law3
MDIA 4580Advanced Public Relations 3
MDIA 4640Advanced Media Writing3
MDIA 4680Multimedia Journalism3
MDIA 4990RSeminar in Media Studies3


  1. Students must select and complete two emphases and Core Requirements.
  2. Grade C or higher in each Emphasis Area course required.