Integrated Studies - Chemistry Emphasis, BA/BS

Chemistry Emphasis Requirements

31-32 credits

Chemistry Emphasis Requirements
CHEM 1210
CHEM 1215
Principles of Chemistry I (PS)
and Principles of Chemistry I Lab (LAB)
CHEM 1220
CHEM 1225
Principles of Chemistry II
and Principles of Chemistry II Lab
CHEM 2310
CHEM 2315
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 2320
CHEM 2325
Organic Chemistry II
and Organic Chemistry II Lab
Complete 3 courses from the following:
CHEM 3000
CHEM 3005
Quantitative Chemical Analysis
and Quantitative Chemical Analysis Laboratory
CHEM 3060
CHEM 3065
Physical Chemistry 1
and Physical Chemistry I Lab
or CHEM 3070
CHEM 3075
Physical Chemistry II
and Physical Chemistry II Lab
CHEM 3100Inorganic Chemistry4
CHEM 3510
CHEM 3515
Biochemistry I
and Biochemistry I Lab
or CHEM 3520
CHEM 3525
Biochemistry II
and Biochemistry II Lab
CHEM 4200Environmental Chemistry3
CHEM 4100Advanced Inorganic Chemistry3
CHEM 4310Adv Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 4510Chemistry of Materials3
CHEM 4610Nutritional Biochemistry3


  1. Students must select and complete two emphases and Core Requirements.
  2. Students may only apply one Biochemistry course to the Chemistry emphasis.
  3. Grade C or higher in each Emphasis Area course required.