Professional Studies, Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)

Program Description

This Bachelor of Applied Science is a flexible degree completion program targeted for adult students who have completed some college credit or experiential learning that could be accepted for college credit. It is organized in STACKS of 12 credits with each STACK focusing on a particular workforce skill including both universal and disciplinary skills. Many of the STACKS are cross-disciplinary in nature; for example, the Critical Reasoning STACK includes courses from three departments in two colleges with each course providing its own disciplinary approach to the skill. Each STACK is also designated as an institutional certificate. Students complete core courses consisting of Technical Writing, Interviewing, Community Experience, and Capstone and then select whatever number of STACKS that meet their individual goals to fulfill the 120 credits needed for graduation.

Admission Requirements

  • 60 credits including English and Math GE requirements, transfer and PLA. 

Program Curriculum

120 credits

Utah Tech General Education Requirements

All Utah Tech General Education requirements must be fulfilled. A previously earned degree may fulfill those requirements, but courses must be equivalent to Utah Tech's minimum General Education standards in American Institutions, English, and Mathematics.

General Education Core Requirements

American Institutions3-6
Life Sciences3-10
Physical Sciences3-5
Fine Arts3
Social & Behavioral Sciences3
Exploration 3-5

Professional Studies Requirements

60 credits

Required courses for all pathways:
ENGL 2100Technical Writing (ALCS)3
COMM 3350Professional Relationship Development3
PRS 4890Community Experience/Internship3
PRS 4700Senior Capstone3

Choose from 4 stacks:

Ethical Judgment
Choose 4 of the following:
BIOL 3100Bioethics3
COMM 3510Ethics in Communication3
MGMT 3100Business Ethics and Professional Writing3
PHIL 1120Social Ethics (HU, GC)3
PHIL 3900Topics in Philosophy3
Choose 4 of the following:
COMM 4050Leadership and High Performance Teams3
HIST 4370History of Social Movements in Modern America3
MDIA 2300Introduction to Public Relations3
MGMT 3400Management & Organizations3
RSM 2430
Professional and Career Communication
Choose 4 of the following:
ART 36103D Graphics3
COMM 1020Public Speaking3
COMM 3010Nonverbal Communication3
ENGL 3180Writing for Interactive Media3
MDIA 3530Photojournalism3
or MDIA 3480 Social Media Production
Community and Social Change
Choose 4 of the following:
COMM 3130Rhetoric and Public Communication3
ENGL 3130Grant and Proposal Writing (ALCS)3
POLS 3320Introduction to Public Policy and Analysis3
RSM 3120Sport and Society3
SOC 3010Stratification and Inequality3
Critical Reasoning
Choose 4 of the following:
COMM 3460Critical and Rhetorical Analysis3
DES 2100Design Thinking3
PHIL 1250Reasoning and Rational Decision-Making (HU, GC)3
PHIL 3300Symbolic Logic: The Study of Formal Reasoning3
POLS 3320Introduction to Public Policy and Analysis3
Choose 4 of the following:
ENGL 3220Multicultural Literature in the United States3
HIST 4370History of Social Movements in Modern America3
HUM 1040Non-Western Humanities through the Arts (HU,GC)3
MDIA 3410Gender, Race and Class in Media3
PHIL 2600World Religions (HU, GC)3
SOC 3010Stratification and Inequality3
Global Perspective
Choose 4 of the following:
COMM 3190Intercultural Communication (SS, GC)3
ENGL 2270Introduction to Early World Literature (HU, GC)3
or ENGL 2280 Introduction to Modern World Literature (HU, GC)
GLS 1010Introduction to Global Studies3
HIST 3460Comparative Asian History3
HUM 3100Area Studies in Humanities: [Area]3
SOC 3435Globalization3
Visual Culture and Society
Choose 4 of the following:
ARTH 3700History/Theory of Photography3
or ARTH 3090 Twentieth Century Art
HUM 3000Period Studies in Humanities: [Time Period]3
or HUM 3100 Area Studies in Humanities: [Area]
HUM 3500Topics in Humanities: [Topic]3
PHIL 3100Aesthetics: Art and the Beautiful3
THEA 1023Understanding Film (HU, GC)3

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 120 college-level credits (1000 and above).
  2. Complete at least 40 upper-division credits (3000 and above).
  3. Complete at least 30 upper-division credits at Utah Tech for institutional residency.
  4. Complete Utah Tech GE requirements.
  5. Cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher.