Piano Pedagogy Certificate

Piano Pedagogy Certificate

21 Credits

General Music Core

Complete one of the following Music Theory courses:3
Fundamentals of Music
Music Theory I (Prerequisite: MUSC 1100 or grade C or higher on Music Department theory test ) 1
Complete one of the following Music History and Literature courses:3
Introduction to Music (FA)
Popular Music in America (FA)
Survey of Jazz History (FA)
Music History & Literature I
Music History & Literature II
Music History and Literature III


Complete four (4) semesters of private lessons: (2 semesters at each lesson level)4
Private Lesson I Major: Piano
Private Applied Lessons I: Piano Performance Emphasis
Private Lesson II Major: Piano
Private Applied Lessons II: Piano Performance Emphasis
Complete one of the following:1
Piano Accompanying
Collaborative Piano in Ensemble

Piano Pedagogy and Literature

Complete all of the following:10
MUSC 3865Piano Pedagogy I2
MUSC 3866Piano Pedagogy II2
MUSC 4665Piano Literature I2
MUSC 4666Piano Literature II2
MUSC 4892RIndependent Study (Student will work with the instructor to select and complete a project related to Piano Pedagogy)2

Completion Requirements

  1. Complete all coursework with a C or higher
  2. Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher