Sustainability Certificate

Sustainability Certificate requirements

24 Credits

ENVS 1210
ENVS 1215
Introduction to Environmental Science
and Introduction to Environmental Science Laboratory
ENVS 2210Environmental Pollution and Remediation Techniques (Prerequisites: MATH 1050 or higher; and CHEM 1210 and CHEM 1215)3
ENER 2310Energy and the Environment3
GEO 1110
GEO 1115
Physical Geology (PS)
and Physical Geology Lab (LAB)
GEO 2050Earth Materials4
GEOG 2410Paleoclimatology (Prerequisites: BIOL 1610 and BIOL 1615)3
ENGL 2201Literature and the Land (HU, GC)3

Completion Requirements

  1. Complete 24 credit hours of required courses.  Prerequisite courses are stacked within other degree plans.
  2. Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher