Criminology Minor

Criminology Minor Requirements

21 credits

CJ 3270Criminology3
CJ 3300Research Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice3
or SOC 3111 Research Methods
CJ 4200Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice3
Complete 12 credits from the following:12
Intro to Corrections
Criminal Law
Criminal Investigation
Police Field Operations
Introduction to Computer Related Crime
Criminal Justice Supervision
Juvenile Justice
Laws of Evidence
Juvenile Law & Procedure
Profiling Deviant Behavior
Policing in U.S. Society
Private Security
Criminal Procedure
American Jails and Prisons
Drugs and Crime
Community Policing
White Collar Crime
Crime, Media, and Culture
The Criminal-Life Course
Women, Crime, and Justice
Crimes Against Humanity
International Criminal Justice Systems
Immigration and Crime
Urban Crime
Social Control
Criminal Justice Reform
Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
Delinquency & Social Responsibility
The Criminology & Policy of Terrorism
Special Topics
Criminology Practicum
Criminal Justice Internship
Current Issues in Criminal Justice
Social Psychology
Deviance and Social Control
Total Hours21

Completion Requirement

  • Complete all courses that fulfill requirements in the minor with a grade C or higher.


An academic minor is an attribute of a baccalaureate degree, not an entity by itself, and can only be awarded at the same time a student graduates with a bachelor’s degree.  Students must declare a minor prior to submitting a graduation application.  A minor may not be added to a previously awarded degree.  Students must complete the minor requirements prior to or concurrent with completion of their bachelor’s degree requirements.  Minors are not available with associate’s degrees.

Students may not declare a minor that is in the same discipline as their major.  Example:  English majors cannot declare any English minor.  

Integrated Studies majors may not have an academic minor in the same discipline as either of their two declared emphases.  Example:  An Integrated Studies major with emphases in English and Spanish cannot receive a minor in either English or Spanish.