Social Justice Minor

Social Justice Minor Requirements

21 credits

Social Justice Minor Requirements
Choose 9 credits from the following:
PSY 1010General Psychology (SS, GC)3
SOC 1010Introduction to Sociology (SS, GC)3
PHIL 1120Social Ethics (HU, GC)3
CJ 3270Criminology3
Social Justice Electives
Complete four courses; two must be upperdivision; electives must be from at least two different prefixes
COMM 2110Interpersonal Communication (SS, GC)3
COMM 2120Small Group Communication3
COMM 2700Voice and Civility in Public Discourse3
COMM 3130Rhetoric and Public Communication3
COMM 3190Intercultural Communication (SS, GC)3
CJ 1300Intro to Corrections3
CJ 2330Juvenile Justice3
CJ 2360Juvenile Law & Procedure3
CJ 3200Policing in U.S. Society3
CJ 3400Drugs and Crime3
CJ 3600The Criminal-Life Course3
CJ 3710Crimes Against Humanity3
CJ 4020Urban Crime3
CJ 4100Social Control3
CJ 4200Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice3
CJ 4240Delinquency & Social Responsibility3
ECON 1010Economics of Social Issues (SS, GC)3
ENGL 3130Grant and Proposal Writing (ALCS)3
ENGL 3215Period/Topic Studies: Gender in Literature3
ENGL 3216Depictions of the Holocaust in Literature & Film3
ENGL 3220Multicultural Literature in the United States3
ENGL 3230Literature and Culture3
ENGL 3342The Rhetoric of Gender3
ENGL 3400World Literature (ALCI)3
GEOG 1300World Regional Geography3
HIST 3010RSpecial Topics in History3
HIST 3670Slavery & the American Republic3
HIST 3730The American Civil War and Reconstruction (1848-1876)3
HIST 3750Contemporary America (1945-Present)3
HIST 4310History of Nationalism3
HIST 4370History of Social Movements in Modern America3
HIST 4490Nazi Germany and the Holocaust3
HIST 4700African-American History 1619-Present3
MDIA 2010Media and Pop Culture (SS, GC)3
PHIL 2600World Religions: Topics (HU, GC)3
PSY 2800Human Sexuality in a Diverse Society (SS, GC)3
PSY 3040Psychology of Gender3
PSY 3200Development in Infancy & Childhood3
PSY 3220Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood3
PSY 3230Adult Development & Aging3
PSY 3420Psy of Culture & Diversity3
PSY 4200Psychology of Morality3
SOC 1020Social Problems (SS, GC)3
SOC 2630Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Relations (SS)3
SOC 3010Stratification and Inequality3
SOC 3435Globalization3
SOC 3550Organizations in Society3
SOC 3560Deviance and Social Control3
CJ 3310Victimology3
CJ 3350American Jails and Prisons3
CJ 3450Community Policing3
CJ 3500White Collar Crime3
CJ 3550Crime, Media, and Culture3
CJ 3700Women, Crime, and Justice3
CJ 3830International Criminal Justice Systems3
CJ 3850Immigration and Crime3
CJ 4150Criminal Justice Reform3
CJ 4900Current Issues in Criminal Justice3
SOC 2370Gender in Contemporary Society (SS)3
SOC 2600Sociology of the Family (SS, GC)3
SOC 3020Social Psychology3
PSY 2500Social Psychology3
PSY 3710Behavioral Neuroscience3
PSY 2400Psychology of Abnormal Behavior3
PSY 4440Addiction3
PSY 3700Personality Theory3
PSY 3440Child & Family Mental Health3
POLS 2200Intro to Comparative Politics (SS, GC)3
HIST 3640History of Latin American Revolutions3
COMM 3150The Dark Side of Interpersonal Relationships3
COMM 3400Gender Communication3

Completion Requirement

  • Complete all courses that fulfill requirements in the minor with a grade C or higher.


An academic minor is an attribute of a baccalaureate degree, not an entity by itself, and can only be awarded at the same time a student graduates with a bachelor’s degree.  Students must declare a minor prior to submitting a graduation application.  A minor may not be added to a previously awarded degree.  Students must complete the minor requirements prior to or concurrent with completion of their bachelor’s degree requirements.  Minors are not available with associate’s degrees.

Students may not declare a minor that is in the same discipline as their major.  Example:  English majors cannot declare any English minor.  

Integrated Studies majors may not have an academic minor in the same discipline as either of their two declared emphases.  Example:  An Integrated Studies major with emphases in English and Spanish cannot receive a minor in either English or Spanish.