Elementary Music Certificate

Elementary Music Certificate

21 credits

Must be attached to an existing or potential teaching license degree to get the State of Utah Elementary Music endorsement.

General Music Courses

MUSC 1020Popular Music in America (FA)3
or MUSC 1050 Introduction to World Music (FA)
MUSC 1110Music Theory I ( Prerequisite: MUSC 1100 or grade C or higher on Music Department theory test) 13
MUSC 1130Ear Training & Sight Singing I1
MUSC 1160RGroup Piano Instruction II (Prerequisite: MUSC 1150 or placement with instructor approval) 21
or MUSC 2150R Group Piano Instruction III
or MUSC 2160R Group Piano Instruction IV
or MUSC 3335R Jazz Improvisation I
MUSC 2350Fundamentals of Conducting2

1 Students may request to take the Music Theory test from the Music Department Chair or the test is offered on the first day of MUSC 1100. Students passing with a C or higher may test out of the MUSC 1100 requirement.

2 Students should register for MUSC 1150R, and then meet with the instructor for placement during the first week of the semester.

Lessons and Ensembles

Complete 3 credits from the following lessons:
MUSC 1810RPrivate Lesson I Major: Vocal1
MUSC 1811RPrivate Lesson I Major: Piano1
MUSC 1812RPrivate Lesson I Major: Brass1
MUSC 1813RPrivate Lesson I Major: String1
MUSC 1814RPrivate Lesson I Major: Woodwind1
MUSC 1815RPrivate Lesson I Major: Guitar1
MUSC 1816RPrivate Lesson I Major: Organ1
MUSC 1821RPrivate Lesson I Major: Percussion1
MUSC 2810RPrivate Lesson II Major: Vocal1
MUSC 2811RPrivate Lesson II Major: Piano1
MUSC 2812RPrivate Lesson II Major: Brass1
MUSC 2813RPrivate Lesson II Major: String1
MUSC 2814RPrivate Lesson II Major: Woodwind1
MUSC 2815RPrivate Lesson II Major: Guitar1
MUSC 2816RPrivate Lesson II Major: Organ1
MUSC 2821RPrivate Lesson II Major: Percussion1
Complete 2 credits from the following ensembles:
MUSC 3250RConcert Choir1
MUSC 3270RChamber Singers1
MUSC 3280RWomen's Chorus1
MUSC 3310RSymphonic Band1
MUSC 3330RJazz Ensemble1
MUSC 3350RUniversity Orchestra1
MUSC 3370RGuitar Ensemble1
MUSC 4485RPercussion Ensemble1


MUSC 1730Vocal Study1
MUSC 1740Percussion Study1
MUSC 3710Elementary Music Methods3
MUSC 3715Elementary Music Education Practicum1

Completion Requirements

  1. All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.