Choral Conducting Certificate

Choral Conducting Certificate Requirements

23 credits

Required Courses
MUSC 1110Music Theory I (Prerequisite: MUSC 1100 or grade C or higher on Music Department theory test) 13
MUSC 1120Music Theory II (Prerequisite: MUSC 1110)3
MUSC 1130Ear Training & Sight Singing I1
MUSC 1140Ear Training/Sight Singing II (Prerequisite: MUSC 1130)1
MUSC 2350Fundamentals of Conducting2
MUSC 3221Choral Literature2
MUSC 3222Choral Conducting (Prerequisite: MUSC 2350)2
MUSC 3630Music History & Literature I3
or MUSC 3640 Music History & Literature II
or MUSC 3650 Music History and Literature III
MUSC 4600Music Rehearsal Techniques2
MUSC 3250RConcert Choir (2 semesters)2
MUSC 3830RPrivate Lessons in Conducting (2 semesters. Prerequisite: MUSC 3222 ) *Lessons must focus on Choral Conducting2

1 Students may request to take the Music Theory test from the Music Department Chair or the test is offered on the first day of MUSC 1100.  Students passing with a grade of C or higher may test out of the MUSC 1100 requirement.

Completion Requirements

  1. Complete all coursework with a grade of higher.
  2. Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.