Military Science Minor

Military Science Minor Requirements

33 Credits 

MILS 1200Introduction to Leadership Excellence1
MILS 1210Foundations of Leadership1
MILS 1212RMilitary Fitness 1.5
MILS 2200Leadership and Ethics2
MILS 1512LMilitary Science Cadet Lab 21
MILS 2210Army Doctrine and Decision-Making2
MILS 3200Training Management and Warfighting Functions3
MILS 3210Applied Leadership in Small Unit Operations3
MILS 4200The Army Officer3
MILS 4210Company Grade Leadership3
One History course (choose one of the following)
HIST 2700U.S. History to 18773
HIST 2710U.S. History Since 18773
MILS 4312RROTC Independent Study2
  1. Contracted ROTC cadets must be concurrently enrolled in MILS 1212R. Non-contracted students/cadets are not required to take this course but are strongly encouraged to do so if the cadet wants to compete for campus-based scholarships. Repeatable for credit 8 times (4 total credits).
  2. Required to be taken concurrently with all MILS courses except MILS 1212R and MILS 4312R; In the rare cases in which a student is enrolled in two MILS courses that require the lab in the same semester, the student only needs to enroll once: repeatable for credit 8 times (8 credits total). 

Completion Requirements

  • Complete all coursework that fulfills requirements in the minor with a grade C or higher.  Additionally, both scholarship and non-scholarship contracted Cadets must maintain a minimum acceptable GPA of 2.00 on a 4.00 scale each semester. Failure to achieve a minimum 2.00 will result in suspension of benefits (stipend and/or scholarship). If a cadet fails to achieve a 2.0 for two semesters, they can be dismissed (dis-enrolled) from the ROTC program. This does not affect their overall enrollment at the university.


All courses listed except MILS 4312R (Independent Study) are required for the minor (and to proceed to officer commissioning). Officer commissioning may have additional event participation requirements.

An academic minor is an attribute of a baccalaureate degree, not an entity by itself, and can only be awarded at the same time that a student graduates with a bachelor’s degree.  Students must declare a minor prior to submitting a graduation application.  A minor may not be added to a previously awarded degree.  Students must complete the minor requirements prior to or concurrent with completion of their bachelor’s degree requirements.  Minors are not available with associate’s degrees.

Students may not declare a minor that is in the same discipline as their major.  Example:  English majors cannot declare any English minor.  

Integrated Studies majors may not have an academic minor in the same discipline as either of their two declared emphases.  Example:  An Integrated Studies major with emphases in English and Spanish cannot receive a minor in either English or Spanish.