Modeling and Simulation Certificate

Modeling and Simulation Certificate Requirements

20 Credits

CS 1400Fundamentals of Programming3
MATH 1210Calculus I (MA) (Prerequisites: MATH 1010 and MATH 1050 and MATH 1060 or MATH 1080 or equivalent placement score)4
MATH 2050Applied Statistics with Programming (Prerequisites: MATH 1040 or MATH 1050) or equivalent placement score)3
or STAT 2040 Business Statistics
or MATH 3060 Statistics for Scientists
MATH 2285Adventures in Modeling1
MATH 3050Stochastic Modeling and Applications3
MATH 3605Introduction to Modeling and Simulation3
MATH 4800Industrial Careers in Mathematics3

Completion Requirements

  1. Complete 20 credit hours of required courses.  Prerequisite courses are stacked within other degree plans.
  2. Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher