Emergency Medical Services (EMS), AAS

Program Description

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program is designed to prepare students for career opportunities in pre-hospital emergency care, such as ambulance, fire department, search and rescue, law enforcement, and volunteer service. Pre-hospital emergency care involves a wide scope of activities such as recognition and management of patients with heart disease, trauma, burns, poisoning, alcohol and drug abuse, childbirth, acute psychiatric disorders, and other medical emergencies. Curricula for all EMS courses are based on the National Standard Curriculum.

Our goal is to prepare competent entry level paramedic/EMTs in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains.


The Utah Tech University Emergency Medical Services program is accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). CAAHEP may be contacted at:

Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs
9355 113th Street North, #7709
Seminole, FL 33775
Phone: 727-210-2350
Email: mail@caahep.org


Upon successful completion, students are eligible to apply for testing and certification as a Paramedic through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. 

Professional Licensure/Certification (PLC) Requirements

The curriculum for programs at Utah Tech University leading to professional licensure are designed to prepare students for Utah licensure and certification requirements. Admission into programs for professions requiring licensure and certification does not guarantee that students will obtain a license or certificate. Licensure and certification requirements are set by agencies that are not controlled by or affiliated with the University, and licensure and certification requirements can change at any time. 

Licensure boards in each state establish requirements for licensure and certification for their respective state. States vary by which professions are required to be licensed and how licensure functions, and such requirements may change at any time. The terms related to licensure and certification, among others, also vary by state as well.

Students and prospective students are strongly encouraged to contact the state licensure entity in the state where they intend to work to review all licensure and certification requirements imposed by the student’s state(s) of choice. The University cannot provide verification of a student’s ability to meet licensure or certification requirements unrelated to its educational programming. Some states require individuals to complete additional requirements that are unrelated to educational prerequisites. For more information, visit the State Authorization and Professional Licensure web page and select the program, or speak to the director of the program. 

Utah Tech University shall not be held liable if a student is unable to qualify for licensure or certification in any jurisdiction.

This disclosure is made pursuant to 34 CFR §668.43(a)(5)(v)(C).

Admission requirement

For admission requirements into the EMS/Paramedic program, visit the program website (following this link will take you out of the University Catalog).

Program Curriculum

77-78 credits


General Education Requirements
ENGL 1010Introduction to Writing (EN)3-4
or ENGL 1010D Introduction to Writing (EN)
ENGL 2010Interm Writing Selected Topics: (EN)3
COMM 2110Interpersonal Communication (SS, GC) (preferred)3
or COMM 1020 Public Speaking
MATH 1030Quantitative Reasoning (MA)3
or MATH 1040 Introduction to Statistics (MA)
or MATH 1050 College Algebra / Pre-Calculus (MA)
Program Prerequisites
BIOL 2320
BIOL 2325
Human Anatomy
and Human Anatomy Lab
BIOL 2420
BIOL 2425
Human Physiology
and Human Physiology Lab
Discipline Core Requirements
EMS 2201Paramedic: Communications; Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Pediatric Emergencies3
EMS 2301Pharmacology and ACLS/PEPP Certification Courses3
EMS 2401Trauma Assessment and Management3
EMS 2420Paramedic Clinical I1
EMS 2450Paramedic Field I3
EMS 2501Medical Emergencies3
EMS 2601Special Populations in Paramedicine and AMLS and PHTLS Certification 3
EMS 2701EMS Research and Professional Development3
EMS 2720Paramedic Clinical II2
EMS 2750Paramedic Field II3
EMS 2801National Registry Preparation and Testing 3
EMS 2820Paramedic Clinical III4
EMS 2850Paramedic Field III3
EMS 2950Paramedic Capstone3

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 77 college-level credits (1000 and above).
  2. Grade C or higher in each General Education, Program Requirement and Discipline Core Requirement course.
  3. Cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher.
  4. Complete at least 20 semester hours of credits at Utah Tech for institutional residency.