English, AA/AS

Program Description

The AA/AS in English is stacked within the BA/BS in English and is designed for students who are preparing for upper-division coursework and/or for students who want to improve their skills with reading, writing, and critical thinking. The AA/AS in English leads seamlessly into the BA/BS in English for students who want to earn a bachelor's degree at Utah Tech or other institutions, and it serves as an ideal foundation for students who want to pursue a bachelor's degree in other fields. The entire degree can be completed with lower-division courses (1000 and 2000 levels), but students are free to choose from a wide selection of upper-division English courses as well.  

Program Curriculum

60 credits 

Utah Tech General Education Requirements

All Utah Tech General Education requirements must be fulfilled. A previously earned degree may fulfill those requirements, but courses must be equivalent to Utah Tech's minimum General Education standards in American Institutions, English, and Mathematics.

General Education Core Requirements

American Institutions3-6
Life Sciences3-10
Physical Sciences3-5
Fine Arts3
Social & Behavioral Sciences3
Exploration 3-5
Associate of Arts: Foreign Language Requirement3-8
Complete one of the following:
- Complete 8 credits numbered 1000 or above in a single foreign language, through earned credit (grade C or higher), credit by examination, or vertical credit from the courses listed on the GE Foreign Language Requirement page 1
- Complete a 1020 or higher foreign language course listed below (grade C or higher)
- Receive 8 FLATS exam credits for FLAT 1000
- Receive 8 transfer credits GEFL 1000 (grade C or higher) in a language not currently taught at Utah Tech
Available only to students who are nonnative English speakers, complete one of the following:
- Complete 8 credits of ESL courses listed below (grade B or higher)
- Submit one of the following test scores required for unconditional Utah Tech admission: TOEFL (61 iBT, 173 CBT, or 500 PBT); or Michigan (70); or USU-IELE equivalent score. Other tests may be accepted for admission to Utah Tech but will not fulfill this requirement. Official scores must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

 General Education Foreign Language Classes may be found on the General Education page.

core discipline requirements

ENGL 1410Elements of Grammar3
ENGL 2600Critical Introduction to Literature (HU, GC)3
Choose one of the following:
ENGL 2400American Lit Before 1865 (HU, GC)3
or ENGL 2410 American Lit After 1865 (HU, GC)
or ENGL 2500 British Literature Before 1800 (HU, GC)
or ENGL 2510 British Literature After 1800 (HU, GC)


Complete 6 Credits of Writing Intensive Courses
ENGL 2100Technical Writing (ALCS)3
ENGL 2250RCreative Writing3
ENGL 2890RJournal Pub/Southern Quill1-3
You may also complete upper-division courses to satisfy this requirement:
ENGL 3010Professional Writing and Business Ethics3
ENGL 3030Advanced College Writing3
ENGL 3110Special Topics in Creative Writing3
ENGL 3120Document Design3
ENGL 3130Grant and Proposal Writing (ALCS)3
ENGL 3140Fiction Writing3
ENGL 3141Poetry Writing3
ENGL 3142Creative Nonfiction Writing3
ENGL 3145The Creative Writing Portfolio3
ENGL 3180Writing for Interactive Media3
ENGL 3345Topics in Professional & Technical Writing: 3
ENGL 3350Digital Journal Production, Route 7 Review3
ENGL 33513
ENGL 3360Writing for Online Markets3
ENGL 3450Methods and Research in Professional and Technical Writing3
ENGL 3720Editing3
ENGL 3890RJournal Pub/Southern Quill1-3
ENGL 4140Advanced Fiction Technique3
ENGL 4141Advanced Poetry Writing3
ENGL 4142Advanced Creative Nonfiction3
ENGL 4500Methods of Teaching Writing3
Complete 6 Credits of Reading Intensive Courses
ENGL 2200Introduction to Literature (HU, GC)3
ENGL 2201Literature and the Land (HU, GC)3
ENGL 2330Children's Literature (HU, GC)3
ENGL 2270Introduction to Early World Literature (HU, GC)3
ENGL 2280Introduction to Modern World Literature (HU, GC)3
ENGL 2335Multi-Cultural Child/Young Adult Literature (HU, GC)3
ENGL 2400American Lit Before 1865 (HU, GC)3
ENGL 2410American Lit After 1865 (HU, GC)3
ENGL 2500British Literature Before 1800 (HU, GC)3
ENGL 2510British Literature After 1800 (HU, GC)3
You may also complete upper-division courses to satisfy this requirement:
ENGL 3201Genre Studies: Folklore3
ENGL 3202Genre Studies: Poetry3
ENGL 3203Genre Studies: Novels3
ENGL 3204Genre Studies: Short Fiction3
ENGL 3210Special Topics in Literature3
ENGL 3211Period Studies: Victorian Lit3
ENGL 3212Period/Topic: Crime Fiction & Film Noir3
ENGL 3213Period/Topic Western Amer Lit3
ENGL 3214Period/Topic Studies: Realism/Modernism3
ENGL 3215Period/Topic Studies: Gender in Literature3
ENGL 3216Depictions of the Holocaust in Literature & Film3
ENGL 3217Climate Catastrophes in Literature and Fiction3
ENGL 3220Multicultural Literature in the United States3
ENGL 3230Literature and Culture3
ENGL 3260Major American Authors3
ENGL 3261Major Authors: Major American Women Authors3
ENGL 3262Major Authors: Major African American Authors3
ENGL 3263Indigenous/First Peoples' Literatures3
ENGL 3270Major British Authors3
ENGL 3271Major British Authors: Milton3
ENGL 3280Major World Authors3
ENGL 3281Major World Authors: Postcolonial3
ENGL 3400World Literature (ALCI)3
ENGL 3510Shakespeare3
ENGL 3520Young Adult Literature3
ENGL 3600Literary Theory3
ENGL 3710Topics in English1-3
ENGL 3810History and Structure of the English Language3
ENGL 4510Methods of Teaching Literature3

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 60 college-level credits (1000 and above).
  2. Complete all Utah Tech General Education Requirements.
  3. Complete at least 20 lower-division credits at Utah Tech for institutional residency.
  4. Grade of C- or higher and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in all required courses.