Elementary STEM Endorsement

The Elementary STEM Endorsement is for K-8 inservice teachers. The endorsement consist of six courses approved by the Utah State Office of Education and fulfills the requirements for an Elementary STEM Teaching Endorsement. Acceptance into the STEM Endorsement cohort is required to enroll in any of the courses. 

Admission Requirement

  • To be admitted, students must be licensed K-8 school teachers
  • Students must maintain a B or P grade (3.0 GPA) to continue in the STEM Endorsement program
EDUC 5010Data Analysis and Problem Solving in STEM3
EDUC 5020Nature of Science and Engineering3
EDUC 5030Energy in STEM Education3
EDUC 5040Matter in STEM Education3
EDUC 5050Force in STEM Education3
EDUC 5060STEM Practices in Technology and Problem-Based Learning3

Completion Requirement

  • 3.0 cumulative university GPA required

Licensure Requirement

  • Upon successful completion of all six courses, teachers will be recommended for an Elementary STEM Endorsement through the Utah State Board of Education