Associate of Programming, AP

Program Description

The Programming degree prepares students for a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Data Science, or Software Engineering. It includes foundational courses needed in computing disciplines. To earn the degree, students will complete focused coursework in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or Data Science, with fewer general education requirements. This degree includes a minimum of 69 credit hours and a minimum of 30 credits of preparatory, specialized coursework. Students interested in pursuing Computer Science, Data Science, or Software Engineering can earn the Associate of Programming as a milestone to their chosen degree.

Program Curriculum

69 credits 

General Education Requirements6
Required Courses
ENGL 1010Introduction to Writing (EN)3-4
or ENGL 1010D Introduction to Writing (EN)
CS 1030Problem Solving with Computers3-4
or MATH 1010 Intermediate Algebra
CS 1400Fundamentals of Programming3
CS 1410Object Oriented Programming3
CS 2100Discrete Structures3
CS 2420Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures3
CS 2450Software Engineering3
CS 2810Computer Organization and Architecture3
MATH 1100Business Calculus (MA)3-4
or MATH 1210 Calculus I (MA)
SET 1000Graduation Planning & Career Prep I0
Elective Courses
It is recommended that students choose 8 elective courses based on their intended program of study 24

Select one of the following tracks.

Software Engineering Track
ENGL 2100Technical Writing (ALCS)3
MATH 2050Applied Statistics with Programming3
SE 1400Web Design Fundamentals (ALCS)3
IT 1100Introduction to Unix/Linux3
Computer Science Track
BIOL 1610Principles of Biology I (LS)4
or CHEM 1210 Principles of Chemistry I (PS)
or PHYS 2210 Physics/Scientists Engineers I (PS)
BIOL 1615Principles of Biology I Lab (LAB)1
or CHEM 1215 Principles of Chemistry I Lab (LAB)
or PHYS 2215 Physics/Scientists Engineers I Lab (LAB)
Data Science Track
CS 2500Data Wrangling3
IT 1500Cloud Fundamentals1
MATH 1220Calculus II (MA)4

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 69 college-level credits (1000 and above).
  2. Complete at least 20 lower-division credits at Utah Tech for institutional residency.
  3. Cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher.
  4. Grade C or higher in all Math and Science Requirements, Programming Requirements, and Programming Elective Requirements.