Studio Art, MFA

Program Description 

The Masters of Fine Arts program is a Studio Art degree that focuses on career readiness for professional artistic and entrepreneurial practices through active and applied learning techniques. Students will conduct creative research in all studio courses through purposeful discovery and by utilizing creative problem solving. The program will prepare graduates to become experts in their chosen medium of specialization, in addition to equipping students with the knowledge needed to start a business in visual art and/or teach effectively for an institution or studio practice.

Admission Requirement

Acceptance into the MFA program will be based on the number of seats available and an evaluation of the following information:

  1. B.A. or B.S. or BFA from a regionally accredited institution or equivalent for international students
  2. 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher in the last 60 credit hours
  3. 6 credits of upper-division Art History
  4. Portfolio of images, see Graduate handbook for specifications
  5. 2 confidential letters of recommendation

All international students and any applicants educated outside the United States must demonstrate proficiency in Standard American English.  The following link lists additional information needed to supplement an international application. 

Program Curriculum

60 credits 

Required Courses:
ART 6010Entrepreneurship I3
ART 6015Entrepreneurship II3
ART 6020Teaching Art I3
ART 6025Teaching Art II3
ART 6990Thesis Exhibition3
ARTH 6800Art History Seminar3
ARTH 6900Art History Theory for Thesis Research3
Choose one of the following courses: Up to a maximum of 39 credits
ART 6200RGraduate Ceramics Studio3-12
ART 6300RGraduate Drawing and Painting Studio3-12
ART 6400RGraduate Photography Studio3-12
ART 6500RGraduate Sculpture Studio3-12

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete 60 approved credit hours with no grade lower than a B-.
  2. Earn a 3.0 or higher grade point average in the graduate program.
  3. Apply for graduation by the dates posted.
  4. Gain final approval from graduation from the Graduate Council.
  5. Complete all other program and university requirements.