Statistics (STAT)

STAT 2040. Business Statistics. 3 Hours.

Required of students pursuing School of Business degrees or emphases. Introduction to basic statistical reasoning, including data distributions, descriptive statistics, probability and probability distributions, and sampling distributions, as well as inferential methods such as tests of hypotheses, analysis of variance, "Goodness of Fit", and regression. **COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES (CLOs) At the successful conclusion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Use statistical concepts in everyday and professional life. Develop quantitative literacy skills related to statistics. 2. Recognize, calculate, and interpret descriptive statistics. 3. Calculate basic probability events and develop intuition related to probability and distributions. 4. Perform statistical analyses in MS Excel. 5. Define and develop hypothesis tests and interpret results. 6. Define and develop correlation and regression tests and interpret output. 7. Use statistical concepts to respond to a variety of problems / issues from various business disciplines. Prerequisites: CIS 2010 or ISA 2010 and GE Math course; OR an ACT score 26 or higher (Prerequisite: Math placement score or MATH prerequisite course (Grade C or higher). FA, SP, SU.