Social Sciences (SS)

SS 4700. Social Studies Curr Methods. 3 Hours.

An intensive course focusing on the methodology of teaching secondary education, including skill, concept and value development in middle, junior high and senior high school social studies teaching. Required for certification in the Social Sciences Composite teaching program. Taught upon sufficient student need. **COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES (CLOs) At the successful conclusion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Plan and teach lessons based on differences in cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and physical areas of student development. 2. Create content instruction according to individual learner differences and cultural and linguistic diversity. 3. Develop and practice pedagogical knowledge of how literary genres and technology can build students' content knowledge. 4. Use varied assessments to promote student achievement of content standards. 5. Articulate a rationale for the place of controversial topics or themes in the secondary schools. 6. Develop awareness of the role of content as a means for participation of youth as contributing members of a social and political democracy. 7. Demonstrates appropriate proficiency in practicum experience. Prerequisites: Instructor permission required.