Phlebotomy (PHLB)

PHLB 1000. Phlebotomy. 4 Hours.

For students wishing to learn phlebotomy. Provides hands on training to become proficient in drawing and obtaining blood samples from a vein or capillary for laboratory analysis using Vacutainer, syringe, butterfly, and heel and finger stick. Instruction includes universal precautions and proper handling of specimens. Successful completion requires a number of "live sticks". **COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES (CLOs) At the successful conclusion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Demonstrate appropriate and effective communication with patients, exercising calm and reasoned judgement during the performance of phlebotomy procedures. 2. Follow standard operating procedures to collect high quality specimens via venipuncture and capillary (dermal) puncture. 3. Competently perform venous and capillary puncture procedures using a variety of methods and equipment including but not limited to evacuated tube systems, safety syringes and transfer devices, safety needles and winged infusion sets, and lancets, obtaining blood samples suitable for analysis in the medical laboratory. 4. Troubleshoot factors that affect phlebotomy procedures and take appropriate actions within predetermined limits when corrections are warranted. 5. Comply with all standards governing patient and employee safety, including standard precautions. 6. Project an image of professionalism in appearance, dress, and confidence. 7. Demonstrate basic knowledge of healthcare delivery systems to communicate and collaborate as an effective member of interdisciplinary healthcare teams providing exemplary patient care. 8. Apply knowledge, skills, and values learned from course work to new situations including assisting in the collection and transportation of specimens other than blood, and technical and clerical functions. Course fee required. FA, SP, SU.